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I wish I could jump into Lois’ knapsack and hook a ride on these remarkable journeys, though reading her books, and hearing her speak about it are a thrill in themselves.

Cerys Matthews

Below is a selection of my short films including my TEDx talk about the benefits and value of ‘vulnerable’ travel. This promotes the idea of travelling simply and with minimal kit, free of technology and gadgets, as a way of connecting with ourselves, our environment, and our fellow humans…

Lo-fi and DIY, preferring maps over apps, I believe this ethos makes for a more fulfilling travel experience… Following a satnav might deliver you to your destination on time… but asking directions of a stranger can lead to all kinds of wonderful and unexpected happenings…

Scroll down to listen to some of my BBC radio broadcasts and podcast interviews on a wide range of topics. I’m a regular contributor to the longstanding Radio 4 programme, From Our Own Correspondent and was formerly the travel correspondent for BBC Radio 5Live.

I frequently appear as a guest and commentator on a range of radio programmes and podcasts from all over the world, usually talking travel, books and adventure… but occasionally… playing the banjo…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



Tune into a selection of Lois’ BBC radio broadcasts and podcast interviews.


Female adventure speaker Lois Pryce in Radio 5 live's studio