Action / Adventure / High Jinks
...joyful, moving and stereotype-busting...

National Geographic Traveller

The legendary Irish travel author (and heroine of mine), Dervla Murphy described my books as ‘a satisfying blend of action, thought and feeling’ . In doing so, she neatly summed up the approach I take to both my travels and my writing – always seeking out the human story alongside the adventure, with plenty of forays into the curious, comic and downright bizarre.

All my books are published throughout the world and have been translated into several languages, with future translations into Spanish and Italian coming soon.

My first book came about when I began posting updates on my website while riding solo from Alaska to Argentina. The year was 2003, there was no such thing as social media and the phrase ‘going viral’ had yet to be invented – but that’s what happened to my online travelogue. The site quickly picked up thousands of followers, including a New York literary agent. Upon returning home, the rights to Lois on the Loose were sold at auction – and I finally found my true calling.

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